Atlas Brasserie & Café

Our Atlas Brasserie & Café serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Everyone is welcome, whether you are staying at the hotel or not.


Visit our verdant covered courtyard in the heart of the hotel. Order from the Atlas menu or relax with a drink or a cup of coffee.

Pier 42

Named after iconic Pier 42 in New York this bar is designed to blend the heritage of Amerikalinjen’s cocktail culture with an unparalleled drinks menu reflecting the modern day explorer.


Our intimate club inspired by New York's jazz scene. We arrange small concerts and private dining, and hold exclusive events. Welcome!

The Little Bakery

The bagel, brought to New York by polish immigrants and is today one of the corner stones in the culinary scene of Big Apple. Come explore the bagels from The Little Bakery at Amerikalinjen. Enjoy in Atlas Cafe or grab a bag of freshly baked ones to go!

Floating Bartender

The Floating Bartender. A dapper and friendly real- life bartender and his magical cabinet of spirits and botanicals on wheels, will roll into your room or suite on request to create something special while you explore the story behind the concept.

Special Days

The Christmas Spirit

This year we encourage you to experience what a gem Oslo is during the holidays. Shopping, food, and culture- You don't have to travel far to explore the complete package. Stay at Amerikalinjen in one of our award winning rooms, taste the christmas porchetta in Atlas Brasserie, and toast to the season in our very own Pier 42. Did we mention you find some of the best shopping in Kvadraturen directly behind us?

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