This green oasis in the heart of Amerikalinjen provides a perfect setting for your event, whether it’s a breakfast meeting, a book launch or the presentation of a new collection. We can provide a simple stage, projector, screen and sound system, and, of course, food and drinks from our brasserie and bar.


The covered courtyard is, as the first of its kind, also a showroom created by the Norwegian furniture brand Eikund. The showroom invites both Amerikalinjen’s and Eikund’s guests, and is meant to be used. Alle the furnitues are provided by Eikund, designed and produced in Norway. The tiled floors contribute to the continental mood, while the glass ceiling protects you from the weather. Fresh, green plants and original yellow tiles on the walls create a unique atmosphere.


Feel free to come in and take a look: you will always feel welcome!

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