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Here you can read our general terms and conditions. Further down on this page you will find extensive information about our Data Protection Declaration.

General terms and conditions The following describes our general terms and conditions. These terms and conditions govern all bookings made with us via our website, in our app or arranged by third parties. For questions, please contact our Customer Service, either by Email to or by phone on +47 22 33 42 00.

1. Ordering

The number of persons, price, accommodation and other products and services to be provided by the hotel will be stated on the confirmation received by the guest after ordering. Children up to 12 years may sleep in their parents’ bed at no extra charge.

2. Validity of the price agreement

The agreed prices are binding on both parties, however, the hotel reserves the right to adjust the prices as a result of changes in costs due to increased taxes and fees or other conditions outside of the hotel’s control.

3. Changes to orders and cancellations

The type of cancellation rules which apply to your booking will depend on the type of booking you have made. Always check which rules apply to your booking, as shown on the booking confirmation. Read about the different cancellation rules here: 3.1 Guaranteed until 16:00 The hotel is obliged to offer a room to a guest until 16:00 on the arrival date. If the guest has not cancelled the booking or arrived before this time, the hotel may cancel the booking without contacting the guest.

3.2 Guaranteed

The reservation has been guaranteed via a company contract, travel agency or by credit card. The hotel will keep the confirmed reservation open until 07:00 on the following morning. Cancellation of guaranteed reservations must be made no later than 16:00 on the arrival date. If the guest does not show up, or if the guest cancels after 16:00, the first night of the stay will be charged.

3.3 Contract bookings

For orders placed by customers with a contract with Nordic Choice Hotels, the ordering/cancellation rules stipulated in the contract will apply.

3.4 18 years age limit For guests who are not travelling with their parents, we have an 18 year age limit. The hotel reserves the right to cancel the booking if no valid ID can be produced.

3.5 Booking with bonus points Redemption of bonus points presupposes membership of the Nordic Choice Club and that there are sufficient valid bonus points on the member’s account to cover the point costs of the whole stay. For cancellations within the ordinary cancellation period, the bonus points used may be refunded, providing that the points have not expired.

4. Payment

4.1 Cash payments

In the case of cash payments, the hotel will require either a cash deposit on check-in, or a credit card guarantee.

4.2 Card payments

Nordic Choice Hotels accepts payments from the following credit card companies: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Diners and Eurocard. For orders via our website, we accept Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Diners.

4.3 Invoicing policy

Invoicing must be agreed prior to the stay. Credit checks will be made. Accommodation amounting to under NOK 5000 cannot be invoiced.

5. Check-in and check-out

Ordered hotel rooms are guaranteed to be ready for checking in from 15:00 on the date of arrival. The check-out time is determined by the hotel, usually 12:00 on the departure date.

6. Liability in the event of damage

The guest, or whoever is the guarantor for the room, is responsible for damage to property resulting from negligent or irresponsible behaviour by guests. We would remind you that all Nordic Choice Hotels are non-smoking. In case of infringement of this rule, the hotel will claim compensation for extra cleaning of the room. This compensation has been set at NOK 1500, and will be debited from the final bill of the guest indicated as being responsible for the room.

7. Force Majeure

Events outside the control of the parties to this agreement – for example strikes, lock-outs, fire, etc. that make it impossible to fulfil the obligations of this agreement – entitle the parties to cancel the agreement without liability for compensation.

8. Jurisdiction

All disputes that may arise between the parties to this agreement (the guest and the hotel), shall be resolved in accordance with Norwegian law. If the dispute cannot be mutually resolved, the jurisdiction relating to the location of the hotel premises shall apply, unless consumer relations are subject to mandatory rules. Data Protection Declaration for Nordic Choice Hotels

1. Introduction

Here at Nordic Choice Hotels, we process your personal data in various ways, for example when you order services from us, stay at our hotels, use services we provide and some other situations. Our Data Protection Declaration gives you more information about how we process your personal data. In the following you will also find contact information, should you have any questions or wish to view the information we hold on you. We process your personal data in accordance with the current Norwegian personal data legislation, including GDPR.

2. The data controller for your personal data

Our company Hotel Amerikalinjen AS, Norwegian Org. No. 990 465 339, Postboks 2424 Solli NO-0201 OSLO, Tel.: +47 22 33 42 00, e-mail is the data controller responsible for processing personal data in our centralised systems for booking, invoicing and hotel management. Whenever you book a room, spend a night or make a payment with us, NCHG is the data controller. Nordic Choice Commercial Services AS, organisation no. 968 819 372, Postboks 2454 Solli NO-0201 OSLO, Tel.: +47 22 33 42 00, e-mail, is the data controller for our website, for your account on our website, for our app and for our loyalty programme Nordic Choice Club. NCCS is also the data controller for our marketing and distribution of e-mails to our customers and contacts and other digital marketing. Nordic Choice Hotels consists of the chains Comfort, Quality, Clarion, plus a number of stand-alone hotels. Some of the stand-alone hotels use their own local systems for booking and invoicing. These hotels have their own personal data declarations and will be their own controllers for booking and hotel stays.

3. Processing of personal data relating to booking and hotel stays

In connection with bookings made by you or by others on your behalf, we process the personal data we need to fulfil the agreement for booking and purchase of services. This is information which you have given us directly or via travel or other agents. For example, we process information about your identity, your contact details and your payment details. In certain cases, we store your passport number. We also process other information you may have given us which is relevant to your stay with us. This could be information about allergies or special requests for your stay. We record all purchases and orders you make with us, for example, spa services, restaurants, room service, etc. in order to provide such services and to enable you to pay for them. We process this information for as long as necessary for fulfilling the booking agreement with you, and also as far as this is imposed on us by current legislation or official requirements. We log the use of key cards in our hotels. We do this to combat and solve crime, and for safety purposes, including fire safety. We store our logs for 21 days.

4. Processing of personal data in your user account (web profile)

If you wish, you may create a user account (web profile) on our website. Here you can choose to register your name, address, interests and other information in order to simplify later ordering processes. This information is collected from you. The information you give will be stored together with booking data and purchase history. We will use this information to adjust the website and app to match your needs and also to customise your hotel stay with us. The starting point of our use of the information is the fulfilment of contracts with you.

5. Processing of personal data relating to membership of Nordic Choice Club

If you have registered with our loyalty programme Nordic Choice Club, a move we certainly recommend, we will process information about your name, contact information and purchase and redemption information, in addition to other information you may have given us. This information is collected from you. We process this information in order to administer the Nordic Choice Club, including the calculation and awarding of your bonus points. The starting point is the fulfilment of contracts with you. We collect or disseminate information from or to Nordic Choice Club’s business partners when this is necessary for completing your orders or for calculating your bonus points, or where you have given your consent. Nordic Choice Club business partners are listed here:—main-page/. This will typically cover name, contact information, status of membership in Nordic Choice Club and purchases relevant for calculating bonus points. As a condition for registering with the Nordic Choice Club, we ask your consent for receiving marketing material. This consent is obtained separately at the time of your registration with Nordic Choice Club and may be withdrawn at any time. You will find your consent settings under “My Page”. Based on your consent, we will process your e-mail address for marketing purposes. Our processing of personal data described in Chapter 5 will continue for as long as you are a member of Nordic Choice Club and thereafter until your bonus points have expired.

6. Processing of your personal data in connection with your use of the Nordic Choice Hotel app

We have created our own app for iOS and Android, the Nordic Choice Hotels app. The app provides you with information about your membership, about bookings and about Nordic Choice Hotels. You can use the app to make bookings, as a key card when you stay with us and as a channel for receiving information from us or communicating with us. Our app will ask you for the following access permissions: Access to location data in order to give you an overview of which of our hotels are nearby. Receiving data from the Internet Viewing network connections Full network access Preventing the unit from reverting to sleep mode Access to bluetooth, for use of the app as a key card Permitting push notifications It is up to you whether to consent to the various access permissions which the app asks for. If you decide not to permit access, this will affect the functionality of the app. You may change your access permissions for the app at any time. We should also like to give you the opportunity to adjust your settings for personalising the app.

7. Processing of personal data for marketing purposes

If you register for our newsletter, we store and use your e-mail address to send you news and offers. We will also use your e-mail address or telephone number to send you news and offers within the rules for existing customer relationships. Our starting point is the Norwegian marketing legislation. We will contact you on the social media in accordance with your consent, or within the framework of existing customer relationships. In order to use social media as a communications channel, we need to pass your e-mail address or telephone number to the social media in question. Our starting point here is consent or legitimate interests. You may at any time withdraw consents you have given. This can be done under “my page”. You can also decline to accept marketing within the framework of existing customer relationships. You can do this by sending a mail to

8. Processing of personal data for development, troubleshooting and security

We will process data, including personal data, for the purposes of troubleshooting or error correction, for improving our services and the technology we use and for analysing usage and user behaviour. We will also process personal data in order to verify your identity, including verifying your identity in connection with your use of our digital services. As far as possible, we anonymise data or create statistics, but will also have to process personal data for development, troubleshooting, statistical and security purposes.

9. Other processing of personal data

In the case of competitions or other activities which you may take part in, we will process personal data such as name and contact information when this is necessary, e.g. for recording participants and then drawing one or more winners. As far as possible, we will specifically inform you of this at the time you take part in competitions or other activities. If you contact our customer service or otherwise approach us with an inquiry, we will process the personal data you provide to the extent that this is necessary for answering and logging your inquiry. The starting point for this will be legitimate interests or for fulfilling contracts with you or answering your inquiries. Apart from the processing described in our Data Protection Declaration or based on your consent, in certain cases we must or may process personal data when this is imposed on us or permitted by applicable legislation, including the Norwegian Personal Data Act and GDPR, or by applicable orders from the authorities or courts.

10. Processing of personal data relating to our suppliers, business customers and business contacts

We process information about contact persons appointed by our suppliers, business customers, cooperation partners, participants in events aimed at the business world and other persons acting in a business role. We do this in order to work efficiently, to enter into and enforce contracts, recruit employees, manage our business and develop our business and professional network. Such information typically comprises name, contact information, position, business, skills, commercial interests and participation in our events for the business world or a previous interest in us and our employees. We store such information for as long as we consider that the person is one of our business contacts. The starting point for this is our legitimate interests.

11. Surrender of personal data and mandatory processing

We do not pass on your personal data to third parties unless you have consented to this or unless the applicable legislation, including the Norwegian Personal Data Act and GDPR, or a valid order from the authorities or the courts permit or force us to do so. For clarity, we would point out that our use of data controllers to process information on our behalf does not constitute surrender of information.

12. Collection of personal data from others

In order to ensure that we have the correct information about you, we may cleanse your information against other sources, such as telephone directories, public registries and the like. In some cases, it may be relevant to credit-check our customers, which involves obtaining credit data from other sources. We obtain demographic information such as age, gender and language from other sources. We obtain information from our cooperation partners and other parts of our group, where this is lawful and necessary for providing services and communication for you.

13. Your rights

As a personyou have various rights under the Personal Data Regulations. You have the right to view your information, and to correct or delete personal data about yourself which we are processing. You are further entitled to request limited processing, to raise objections to processing and to request entitlement to data portability. To make use of your rights, you may mail us at We will answer your inquiry as soon as possible, and no later than within 30 days. We will ask you to confirm your identity or provide further information before we allow you to make use of your entitlements with us. We have to do this to ensure that we only give access to your personal information to you – and not to anyone claiming to be you.

14. Data Protection Officer

We have our own Data Protection Officer at Nordic Choice Hotels. The Data Protection Officer is responsible for all our companies and for all personal data we process in the countries in which we are established. The Data Protection Officer is our contact point with the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. Our Data Protection Officer gives Nordic Choice Hotels, our data processors and our employees advice and guidance on the processing of personal data and the rules which govern this. The Data Protection Officer’s work is to monitor our compliance with the personal data rules and our internal guidelines. The Data Protection Officer may also help you to assert your rights in respect of us, or help you get answers to questions about your personal data held by us. You can contact our Data Protection Officer at If you feel that our processing of personal data does not match what we have described here or otherwise breaches the personal data legislation, you may, as an alternative, complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority or the supervisory authority in the country in which you are staying at a hotel. You will find information about contacting the Data Protection Authority on the Authority’s website

15. Use of data processor. Transfer abroad

We use several data processors to allow us to deliver our services to you. Our biggest data processor is our booking system Cenium AS. Because we are part of Choice Hotels International, Inc. (CHI), we use the same booking system as CHI. This means that personal information about accommodation orders is processed in the USA, with CHI as our data processor. Surrender of information to the USA is based on the EU model agreement for transfer from us as data controller in Europe to a data processor in the USA.

16. Cookies/Information capsules

We use information capsules (cookies) to improve user experience of our website. A cookie is a small text-based datafile stored in your equipment (your smartphone, computer or, for example, a tablet). Cookies help to recognise what type of content and which pages are visited on our website. Information stored by means of a cookie may include how you use the website, what type of browser you use and which pages you have visited. A permanent cookie remains on your equipment for a defined period of time. A session cookie is stored temporarily on your equipment memory while you are visiting our website. The session cookie disappears when you close your browser. We use both permanent and session cookies. Nordic Choice may also use third-party cookies. If you do not wish our website to store cookies on your equipment, you can turn off the use of cookies in your web browser. If you turn off cookies, the functionality of the website will be reduced.

17. Changes to Data Protection Declaration or to processing

We are continually working to develop and improve our services for our customers. This may change the method or extent of our processing of personal data. Information we provide in this personal data declaration will thus be adapted and updated at regular intervals. We will also change the Data Protection Declaration when new rules or official practice makes this necessary.

18. Commercial activities
Commercial activities as part of a stay must be arranged directly with the hotel.

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